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NEP and NMT reach a development agreement with AnatomyWorks

Posted by on Jul 1, 2014

NEP and NMT reach a development agreement with AnatomyWorks

On July 1, 2014, AnatomyWorks reached an agreement with NHK Enterprises (NEP) to develop an innovative archive (media and database) that integrate our knowledge about the human body, 3D imaging data, and computer graphics. As our population grows older and with the ever-growing medical costs that now dominates our annual social spending, the importance of prevention of chronic diseases, which are intimately related to our life style (“lifestyle diseases”), is growing. To raise the awareness of the importance of healthy lifestyle and to educate the public about the mechanisms and prevention of the lifestyle diseases, NHK Group is expected to play a crucial role in Japan. The first target of this collaboration is to create a comprehensive set of anatomical objects of the brain, which would consist of the mixture of the volumes, surfaces, and streamlines generated from medical images and anatomical knowledge. In addition, animations would be created based on these objects to explain the brain anatomy, functions and pathology.

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