changing the way medical imaging data are managed and utilized for medical decision making


To describe the healthcare industry, “growth” and “reform” are the two keywords. Global healthcare costs, currently estimated at $6 trillion to $7 trillion, are projected to reach more than $12 trillion within seven years. In the United States, healthcare spending now represents 17 percent of gross domestic product (GDP), and, amidst a modest economic recovery, healthcare costs are expanding at twice the country’s economic growth rate. We can consider it as opportunities for healthcare industries. However, it is also considered as an unsustainable growth. According to the report by Russell Reynolds Associates, “innovation and digital transformation may offer solid solutions for increasing the quality of care while containing costs.” AnatomyWorks’ missions and products face squarely to this paradigm. It is obvious that the current practice of Radiological diagnosis based on physicians’ subjective judgment is not sustainable due to the exploding amount of anatomical information generated from scanners. Both for the efficiency and quality, the computational aid through innovation must and will happen. AnatomyWorks will become a major player for the brain MRI field by establishing the contents (knowledge database), backed by the innovative technology, that cannot be readily replicated.