changing the way medical imaging data are managed and utilized for medical decision making

Company’s Information

The two cores of the technologies are the diffeomorphic image registration tools and the deformable population-based brain atlases. AnatomyWorks has exclusive licenses for seven pending patents and four copyrights from Johns Hopkins University. In the past, Anatomy Works has had successful contracts and sublicenses from Toshiba and the Veteran’s Association, as well as NIH grants. The company is in the incubator section of Johns Hopkins University, called Research Park. Currently, there are four employees: two Ph.Ds in Biomedical Engineering, one MS in Computer science, and one administrator. AnatomyWorks has successfully attracted three Phase I applications and this grant application will be the first Phase II attempt. In the past, all revenues were based on pay-for-work or sublicense fees. The cloud and web-based analysis tools, proposed in this application, will be our first product. The company maintains a tight collaboration with Dr. Michael Miller in the Center for Imaging Science and Dr. Susumu Mori in the Department of Radiology, both at Johns Hopkins University, where MriStudio was developed. The former lab will keep developing core algorithms and the latter the anatomical knowledge through the creation of multiple atlases. In addition, Dr. Marc Vaillant is helping us as a consultant and implements the industry-level programing environment and supervises our effort to develop the cloud architecture proposed in this study.